2013 Geeky Calender Art and Resolutions by Pixel Ensemble

So 2013 is over. New year, new projects! This year I have a lot of new resolutions. Mostly that involve being more creative.  If you’re like me and you have no plans for tonight then here is an idea on what you can do to be productive and ring in the new year!  Today I will be talking about Geeky Calender wall art! This is an easy project to not only have a bit of fun staying home tonight, but to actually be a bit more green. Instead of throwing out all that paper, keep it for years to come! This also works for non-geeky wall art.

Calender Project: So 2014 is about to begin and you have that super awesome Calender you got yourself that probably cost an arm and a leg. For me over 5 bucks is an arm or a leg for a calender. If you don’t have a cool 2013 calender you can go your local shops and or stores that sell calenders and get them on sale. I got a Dark Knight, South Park, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter and Inuyasha at my local geek store for 5 bucks. Not each! All together!!! This may not work for all calenders. Like my LOTR calender had half bodies. I’ll show you what to do with those too.

Materials you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Your choice of frame, if you want to make one here is a list of DIY frames:  Frame Ideas Here
  • If you want a poster just grab thumb tacks and ignore the frame option above
  • Glue(depends)


  • Open up to the middle of the calender. There you should see the butt of the staples.
  • Use your scissors to pry open staples.
  • Gently pull out all the calender’s pages.
  • If your calenders have art that only take up one page then you can go ahead and cut down the middle of the crease line where the art separates from the date.Just frame or use as posters and you’re done!
  • If you have a half art half date page that coincides with another page your are going to have to play favorites.
  • Choose what you are willing to glue on.
  • Take the top half of your art and DO NOT CUT ON THE CREASE!
  • Take the bottom half of the art and separate it from what ever doesn’t match.
  • Check to see if the pieces fit, like a giant puzzle.
  • Glue onto bottom half of calender. Here is a picture explanation below of what it will look like.
  • Click on image for larger view.
  • Also, sorry about the super distracting background. I really like collecting posters and prints.

Calender mismatch


Well I hope you all enjoy today’s tutorial and have a safe new years. No blowing off your own fingers, ya hear? What are your New Years resolutions? Let us know in the comments below!

Mine are:

  • Working out more
  • Eating healthier
  • Become a full time student
  • Blog more
  • Get a job with less hours so I can focus on school
  • Get my license
  • Get a car
  • Not half assing my cosplays
  • Do at least 5 official pages of my novel
  • Write at least 10 short stories I love
  • Read 50+ books/graphic novels
  • Stay organized

Pokeball Lantern tutorial!

Anyone ever wanted to learn how to make really cool paper lanterns? Want an cool geeky way to decorate your room? Just procrastinating and want something fun and easy to distract yourself with? Well this is the project for you!  Today I will be teaching you to make a Pokeball lantern. Now this is a really quick little tutorial I did very long ago. It’s been on my deviant art since forever.  I just put my screen name over my real name. The reason I am using this and not a completely brand new one is because I can’t find the materials at the moment. Actually, this isn’t half bad. Even if you don’t like Pokemon, you can use what ever design you want. I just happen to really love Pokemon! Also, it’s a very cheap project with little effort for you lazy types like myself *hint hint* Don’t forget to show us your own work by linking yourselves in the comments and we’ll feature you in our Featured Fan Mail section. So let’s get down to business shall we? Helpful hint: Click on the image for a much larger size! Also, yes I know panel 5 is upside down, don’t remind me.


  • Blank sheet of computer paper
  • Red Marker
  • Black Marker
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • String


Forever Awkward Intro

Hey Forever Awkward here and after a very long stern talking too by Pixel, I am making this post. Pixel is my motivator. Like my intro says I’m 21 and clueless. I’m more of like a side kick to Pixel on this blog. I guess she is the batman to my robin (the cool one that turns into nightwing i think, since western comics aren’t really my thing. That’s Pixels thing. You ask her about that stuff, I am an Otaku. Not to be confused with Weeboo) Eventually you’ll know how I’m just a huge lame-o. Well lame enough to use the word lame-o. I guess my role in this blog is to show my doodles and give tips and tricks about drawing, making OC’s, wig styling/shopping/reviews and doing shit with Pixel. Well hope we have an awesome time. Peace?!

Pixel Ensemble Intro

Hello there! I am Pixel Ensemble. I am a co-admin here on Awkwardly Pixelated. My good friend Forever Awkward and I decided to get a small hobby together and decided this would be it. Mostly because I am lazy and don’t feel like leaving the house. Don’t get me wrong, I work 9 hours a day and am a part time college student, I guess I am more exhausted than lazy. Like I said in my bio, I like to do artsy stuff like writing, cosplaying, crafting, reading etc.  I don’t know how I find the time to do anything though. I have another blog where I do reviews and post geeky stuff which you can find here at SHAMELESS SELF ADVERTISEMENT ->http://thepoorpixeledsoul.wordpress.com/ !  I am not entirely sure what this blog is about, but for me, I am going geeky! I won’t post reviews here though that’s for my other blog up there.  From me on here you will see tutorials, mini workshops, advice on stuff. I am actually hoping to put up a simple tutorial tomorrow! I was going to put this stuff off until Forever Awkward filled out her bio, but it’s been three days… Gonna try to make her do it tonight. I bet you can guess who wears the pants in that relationship! Just kidding. Can’t wait to meet you all and awe you in all of my geeky knowledge. Until later!

Pixel Ensemble and Forever Awkward Present: A collaborative WordPress

Hi! Pixel Ensemble here to introduce Myself and Forever Awkward to this collaboration blog! We are a creative duo. A lazy, but creative duo. After meeting 10 years ago, yup half of our entire lives ago. We still somehow have not murdered one another… yet. This blog may change that. Here we will share our semi-artistic talents. I am an avid writer/reader/crafter and she is an avid artist/procrastinator. Together we are cosplayers and con-goers. We have set up this blog to share our creative talents and procrastinate some more. I(Pixel Ensemble) will not post as often since I have school and nine hour shifts so my buddy Forever Awkward will be posting most. I hope we will allbecome great friends soon and that we will be the reason for your procrastination 😀