Forever Awkward Intro

Hey Forever Awkward here and after a very long stern talking too by Pixel, I am making this post. Pixel is my motivator. Like my intro says I’m 21 and clueless. I’m more of like a side kick to Pixel on this blog. I guess she is the batman to my robin (the cool one that turns into nightwing i think, since western comics aren’t really my thing. That’s Pixels thing. You ask her about that stuff, I am an Otaku. Not to be confused with Weeboo) Eventually you’ll know how I’m just a huge lame-o. Well lame enough to use the word lame-o. I guess my role in this blog is to show my doodles and give tips and tricks about drawing, making OC’s, wig styling/shopping/reviews and doing shit with Pixel. Well hope we have an awesome time. Peace?!



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