Forever Awkward Intro

Hey Forever Awkward here and after a very long stern talking too by Pixel, I am making this post. Pixel is my motivator. Like my intro says I’m 21 and clueless. I’m more of like a side kick to Pixel on this blog. I guess she is the batman to my robin (the cool one that turns into nightwing i think, since western comics aren’t really my thing. That’s Pixels thing. You ask her about that stuff, I am an Otaku. Not to be confused with Weeboo) Eventually you’ll know how I’m just a huge lame-o. Well lame enough to use the word lame-o. I guess my role in this blog is to show my doodles and give tips and tricks about drawing, making OC’s, wig styling/shopping/reviews and doing shit with Pixel. Well hope we have an awesome time. Peace?!


Pixel Ensemble Intro

Hello there! I am Pixel Ensemble. I am a co-admin here on Awkwardly Pixelated. My good friend Forever Awkward and I decided to get a small hobby together and decided this would be it. Mostly because I am lazy and don’t feel like leaving the house. Don’t get me wrong, I work 9 hours a day and am a part time college student, I guess I am more exhausted than lazy. Like I said in my bio, I like to do artsy stuff like writing, cosplaying, crafting, reading etc.  I don’t know how I find the time to do anything though. I have another blog where I do reviews and post geeky stuff which you can find here at SHAMELESS SELF ADVERTISEMENT -> !  I am not entirely sure what this blog is about, but for me, I am going geeky! I won’t post reviews here though that’s for my other blog up there.  From me on here you will see tutorials, mini workshops, advice on stuff. I am actually hoping to put up a simple tutorial tomorrow! I was going to put this stuff off until Forever Awkward filled out her bio, but it’s been three days… Gonna try to make her do it tonight. I bet you can guess who wears the pants in that relationship! Just kidding. Can’t wait to meet you all and awe you in all of my geeky knowledge. Until later!