Forever Awkward Intro

Hey Forever Awkward here and after a very long stern talking too by Pixel, I am making this post. Pixel is my motivator. Like my intro says I’m 21 and clueless. I’m more of like a side kick to Pixel on this blog. I guess she is the batman to my robin (the cool one that turns into nightwing i think, since western comics aren’t really my thing. That’s Pixels thing. You ask her about that stuff, I am an Otaku. Not to be confused with Weeboo) Eventually you’ll know how I’m just a huge lame-o. Well lame enough to use the word lame-o. I guess my role in this blog is to show my doodles and give tips and tricks about drawing, making OC’s, wig styling/shopping/reviews and doing shit with Pixel. Well hope we have an awesome time. Peace?!


Pixel Ensemble and Forever Awkward Present: A collaborative WordPress

Hi! Pixel Ensemble here to introduce Myself and Forever Awkward to this collaboration blog! We are a creative duo. A lazy, but creative duo. After meeting 10 years ago, yup half of our entire lives ago. We still somehow have not murdered one another… yet. This blog may change that. Here we will share our semi-artistic talents. I am an avid writer/reader/crafter and she is an avid artist/procrastinator. Together we are cosplayers and con-goers. We have set up this blog to share our creative talents and procrastinate some more. I(Pixel Ensemble) will not post as often since I have school and nine hour shifts so my buddy Forever Awkward will be posting most. I hope we will allbecome great friends soon and that we will be the reason for your procrastination 😀